Ely Roriguez

I have honed my craft in freezing time to unveil the authentic emotions encapsulated within every frame. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering passion for storytelling, I skillfully capture the essence of my subjects, preserving their individual narratives.

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about me

Ely Rodriguez

photographer | Videographer | Editor

From a young age, my passion for photography ignited, driven by the belief in capturing and preserving precious moments. As I matured, I realized the significance of preserving those invaluable times. It transcended a mere hobby and transformed into an all-encompassing passion.

There is one thing a photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.



client : Aaron james caesar

Enter the realm of powerlifting through my lens. As a powerlifting photographer, I capture the sheer strength, determination, and triumph of athletes conquering incredible feats of power. From explosive lifts to the unyielding focus on their faces, I freeze the exhilarating moments that define the powerlifting journey. Each photograph embodies my passion for showcasing the unwavering dedication and extraordinary power of these athletes.

Callout Video

client : Purdue University powerlifitng

Step into a world where iron collides and determination soars. Capturing the pulse of a powerlifting team's callout, a visual symphony of raw power and unity. From the gritty training grounds to the competitive stage, witness true strength, and spirits unite. This video isn't just about lifting; it's a journey of resilience, camaraderie, and the triumphant roar of victory that echoes through each frame.

Gym Session

client : Katie Degeyter

Step into the world of fitness and strength through my lens. Capturing the intensity, dedication, and raw energy of athletes and fitness enthusiasts in action. From powerful weightlifting moments to the determination in their eyes, I freeze the transformative journey of individuals pushing their limits. Each photograph reflects my passion for showcasing the physical and mental prowess.

Outdoor Theme

client : Multiple

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature through my lens capturing the awe-inspiring landscapes, delicate details, and captivating moments that showcase the wonders of the natural world. Each photograph is a testament to my deep appreciation for nature's splendor, inviting you to explore and reconnect with the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us

Gym Shots

client : Multiple

Experience the world of fitness through my lens as I showcase the artistry of gym photography. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing authentic moments, I bring to life the energy, determination, and strength of individuals on their fitness journey. From dynamic action shots to intimate portraits, each photograph tells a compelling story of dedication, transformation, and personal growth.

Misc. Shots

client : Misc.

Witness the transformative power of art and creativity as I capture the essence of simple scenes, turning them into majestic masterpieces through photography.

Fitness Theme Edits

I go beyond simply capturing photos and moments; I also specialize in directing and filming my clients to perfectly encapsulate the desired scene and moment they seek to capture. By guiding and capturing their genuine expressions and actions, I ensure that every frame reflects their unique vision and desired outcome. With a keen understanding of storytelling and visual composition, I bring out the best in my clients, creating a collaborative and immersive experience that truly captures the essence of the moment.

Outdoor Theme Edits

Embark on a visual journey with me as I transition from gym videography to the captivating world of nature. Through my expert editing skills, I invite you to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of mountains and experience the tranquility as if you were truly there. Let the breathtaking landscapes and mesmerizing edits transport you to a place of relaxation, where you can find solace in the embrace of nature's majesty.


Allowing 2 IG Collaborations (1 video, 3 Photos - 1 post ) earns a 20-40% discount (length)! This allows me to expand my page to other followers and potentially gain more clients!






5 Edited Photos, 1 Video Edit

1 Hr. Session

1 Theme



15 Edited Photos, 2 Video Edits

2 Hr. Session

2 Themes



25 Edited Photos, 3 Video Edits

Unlimited Session

3 Themes

Includes meets or events



30 Edited Photos (Includes Portraits), 3 Video Edits

Unlimited Session + Themes

Includes any sessions such as meets or events, interviews, teasers, etc..



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